Who Can Apply

The Summer Research Program is for students who have completed Grade 11 and are heading into Grade 12 the next school year.

  • We accept applicants from young women and non-binary students interested in science, engineering and technology fields and from young men interested in nursing, human ecology and nutrition fields.
  • Students from anywhere in Alberta can apply.
  • Out of province students are welcome to inquire about applying to the program by contacting

How to Apply

  1. Provide your personal information and answer some questions about why you want to be a WISEST Student Researcher.
  2. Submit two teacher references, a personal essay, and current transcripts.
  3. Pay the 1-time application fee of $25. This payment can be made online using our OpenCart system (a link will be sent to you upon completing the online application form). For certain students, there is an option to have the fee waived at the end of the application process, based on financial circumstances.

Transcript Details

Please provide us with both of the following to meet your transcript requirements:

  • A transcript which shows all of your high school grades. This could be:
    • A detailed Academic Report from the Government of Alberta, or
    • An official School Transcript showing all of you high school grades
  • Your current interim marks for the classes you are currently in. This can be printed off of your online school portal. If your current interim marks are listed as 'in progress', please talk to your teacher or school administrator prior to contacting the WISEST office.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply to the Summer Research Program, including submitting supporting documents, is Friday, April 5, 2019.

Selection Process

  • 1. Available Seats
    The number of successful applicants can vary each year depending on the number of seats that WISEST has available for the program. This depends largely on funding and the ability of researchers to take on students in their labs. Typically WISEST has been able to accommodate 40-60 students each summer.
  • 2. School Representation
    WISEST strives to have students from as many different high schools as possible so that our program has a diversity of students. Thus, the number of students accepted from any one high school might be limited depending on how many schools have students that apply.
  • 3. Grade Requirements
    Applicants must demonstrate an average of 85% or higher in their math and science courses. This is the minimum grade requirement to ensure that our students are successful in their lab placement. Grades are not considered beyond meeting this 85% average minimum.
  • 4. Commitment
    Applicants must be willing to fully commit to the entire 6 weeks of the program (no holidays or conflicting commitments).
  • 5. Personal Essay

    A personal essay must be submitted by postal mail to WISEST. The Summer Research Program aims to encourage you to explore diverse careers and to develop your confidence in your ability to succeed in fields where your gender is underrepresented.

    The following should be addressed in a personal response essay: explain how your participation in the Summer Research Program will broaden your awareness and strengthen your commitment to exploring fields of study and career options where your gender is underrepresented; support your explanation by describing and providing examples of the personal attributes you will bring to the Summer Research Program that will ensure your success in the research lab and in the Program; and be between 500-700 words, typed in 12 point calibri font.

  • 6. Teacher References
    Each student must submit two letters of reference from their science or math teachers. WISEST provides an online reference form for teachers to fill out.
  • 7. Open Mind
    This is an extremely important evaluation criteria for the selection committee. It is important that students remember that this program is designed to help students explore diverse careers in science, engineering and technology and to consider fields in which their gender is typically underrepresented. Students who have a love of science and a desire to learn about new possibilities and future career paths are the most successful in this program.