Elementary and Junior High

Elementary and junior high school students can face major barriers for girls interested in STEM. WISEST has a number of initiatives specifically aimed at helping students in junior high and elementary school get on hands-on experiences to improve their confidence and confirm there is a place for them in STEM.

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For Elementary & Junior High School Teachers

Choices Conference

This annual one-day conference takes place in February at the University of Alberta North Campus, and is dedicated to girls in Grade 6, and their accompanied teacher or principal. Participants are able to engage in fun, hands-on interactive activities in science, engineering, and technology. To participate, review a list of eligible school districts and details regarding our registration process, as well as the registration checklist.

What Teachers are saying about the Choices Conference

"I loved the use of materials [in the Cryogenics Lab] we just wouldn't have access to at school." (École Father Jan School)

"[The Oil Spill Lab was] very well done, and something I can take back to the classroom." (École Beau Meadow School)

"The girls actually brought back the activity [they learned in the Prosthetics Limbs Lab] and taught it to the rest of the class." (St. Benedict School)

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Students

WISEST is committed to increasing representation for all marginalized groups in STEM, including First Nations,Métis, and Inuit students (FNMI), and we encourage students identifying as FNMI to participate in all of the programs and services we offer.

Specifically, we offer support and activity customization for teachers coming with FNMI students to our Choices Conference, including hands-on activities that connect to Indigenous Ways of Knowing. We are also actively working to create a mentorship program for FNMI students in Grades 7 to 9 starting in Fall 2019. This program aims to support and connect FNMI students in a STEM field at the University of Alberta.

School Partnerships

To request our participation in Career Days or Girls in STEM Days, contact wisest.outreach@ualberta.ca.