College of Social Sciences and Humanities exhibits exceptional community spirit as members apply for SSHRC funding

Lauren Bannon - 21 September 2022

Faculty members from across the College of Social Sciences and Humanities with first-hand experience securing SSHRC Insight Grants and/or service at the SSHRC adjudications are paying it forward through a significant cross-faculty collaboration.

Every year, scholars and researchers from across Canada apply to secure significant funding from the SSHRC Insight Grants Competition. These grants, which support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities, aim to build knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world. Specifically, these grants are a substantial research funding opportunity to support faculty research activities and provide financial support for student research assistants.

With the competition soon to close this year, applicants from our college have been able to request an internal peer review of their submissions. Colleagues who share similar research backgrounds with the individual applicants and have SSHRC review committee experience have been asked to fill these peer reviewer roles, and the willingness of these colleagues is notable. 

Twenty-eight faculty members from various disciplines and fields have agreed to serve as peer reviewers to fourteen individuals from our college applying to the competition. As peer reviewers, they provide feedback on their colleagues’ draft submissions to help refine their applications, address questions that might arise and strengthen the research proposals. 

This collegial collaboration demonstrates that the college is a true community of scholars willing to give their time and energy to mentoring and supporting one another's academic and research endeavors.

“We are very lucky to have experienced faculty members stepping up to volunteer to help by reviewing draft applications,” says Professor Joanna Harrington, the college’s Associate Dean Research. “This peer-to-peer support goes a long way and the faculty members receiving this advice and guidance are very appreciative.”

Recognizing on-going efforts

The college would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work of faculty members to support those applying for SSHRC grants and other funding opportunities. We also extend thanks to:

  • Dr. Heather Young-Leslie, Senior Research Partner for Social Sciences and Humanities with the Vice-President Research and Innovation portfolio, who has contributed so much to providing grant assistance for faculty for many years.
  • Dr. Craig Taylor, Research Partner for Social Sciences and Humanities with the Vice-President Research and Innovation portfolio, who reviews applications, provides advice and strives to match applicants with an appropriate peer reviewer.
  • The Associate Deans, Research within the college’s four faculties: Marie Carrière (Arts), Denise Larsen (Education), Ubaka Ogbogu (Law) and Trish Reay (Business).