College Offices

Office of Education

The Office of Education provides leadership and guidance for shared student services, coordinated student advising, academic integrity processes, and administrative work related to experiential and work-integrated learning for the College of Social Science & Humanities.

The Associate Dean, Education provides leadership in educational program development and implementation.

Associate Dean, Education

Karsten Mündel

Karsten Mündel has worked at the University of Alberta since 2004. He is currently Professor of Global and Development Studies in the department of Social Science at Augustana Campus. With a PhD in Adult Education and Community Development, his research and teaching has been multidisciplinary throughout his career. Karsten currently also serves as Provost Fellow, Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning. Most of his teaching has involved one form of experiential pedagogy or another and has often blended teaching and research in rural Alberta, Mexico and Cuba.

Office of Research

The Office of Research drives institutional research strategy and college-relevant initiatives, including interdisciplinary activity for the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Associate Dean, Research is responsible for leading the research strategy for the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Associate Dean, Research

Joanna Harrington

Joanna Harrington holds the Eldon Foote Chair in International Business and Law at the University of Alberta. A law professor for over 20 years, she teaches, researches and writes on matters of foreign relations law, public international law, international organizations, international human rights law, and transnational criminal law, including foreign corruption, the corporate commission of transnational crimes, and extradition. Her work has been published widely in law journals and edited collections, both in Canada and internationally, and before the pandemic, she regularly presented at conferences around the world.

Prof. Joanna Harrington authors article pushing for reforms to extradition law


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