Introducing SUSA

The Department of Sociology is pleased to introduce SUSA, the new Sociology Undergraduate Student Association! Keep your eye on them for many new initiatives and events. Make sure to join the group if you are interested in sociology or criminology, have ever taken a SOC course or are University alumni, and want to foster enthusiasm for the discipline! Read on for more information on the group, their events, contact information, and social media sites!

13 September 2013

The Department of Sociology is pleased to introduce SUSA, the new Sociology Undergraduate Student Association!

SUSA was formed this year with the goal of creating a sense of community among sociology and criminology students. SUSA offers many services, such as mentorship and support to sociology majors and minors and criminology students, and will give you friendly peer advice regarding courses, career plans or anything else you want to talk about as it relates to your undergraduate career or within the discipline!

They will also be hosting a number of social and academic events throughout the year including weekly salons, monthly fundraiser concerts, academic talks, research mixers and student group parties.

Here are just a few of their upcoming events:

Sociology Salons
Every Tuesday @ 5pm
- All are welcome!
- Meet up with other sociology and criminology students
- Talk shop, classes, research, or anything else!

SUSA Nights at Wunderbar
First Sunday of every Month @ 6:30pm
- Different theme nights every month!
- Guest speakers in sociology & criminology (@ 8:00)
- Feature bands (@ 9:30)
- First event on October 6 is on "Surveillance and Criminology"

Research Speed Dating
November 15, 2013
- Play a round of "speed dating" with profs and grad students!
- Learn more about research in the Department of Sociology
- Part of FURCA (Festival of Undergraduate Research in Canada)

SUSA is recruiting new members now! To be a member, you do not need to major or minor in sociology or criminology. You just need to have enrolled in or taken a sociology course (or be university alumni), have an interest in the discipline and in fostering enthusiasm about sociology or criminology.

If you would like to join, just send an email with your name and University of Alberta email address to

Keep your eye on SUSA for more event details and initiatives to come!




Office: Tory 5-9