Rosenberg Sociology in Process Series

RSIPS is a series of monthly talks and activities in the department named after Dr. Sharon Rosenberg, a passionate scholar, teacher and mentor. Originally named SIPS, the series began in 2002 as part of a department-wide focus on building intellectual and community life. This early vision focused on making SIPS sessions “opportunities for conversations across departmental foci, regarding questions, moments, problematics, provocations, troubles, etc., that folks are grappling with in the context of their research and/or writing.”

After Dr. Rosenberg passed away in 2010, a group of graduate students re-envisioned the series in her name, guided by the following blueprint:


…is a part of the integral working of the Department of Sociology.

…is a forum for fostering openness and collegiality.

…is public mentorship.

…is thinking otherwise.

…is provocative.

…is responsive, enlivened, and open to continuous revision.

Each year, RSIPS is organized around a different theme or structure. In 2015-16, under the theme “Stretching Borders,” faculty and graduate students presented their latest work. Talks were followed by an informal social event called GULPS.

The 2015-16 Lineup

“Reverberations of Poverty: Composing Lives in Higher Education” (Elaine Laberge)

“Decolonizing Genocide: Some Thoughts from a Decolonizing Researcher” (Jason Chalmers)

“Promising Community Justice” (George Pavlich)

“When the Kids Come Home: Coresidence with Adult Children and Its Influence on Parental Wealth” (Michelle Maroto)

“Accomodating Mobility: Gender, Family and Work Camps in the Oil Sands Zone” (Sara Dorow and Shingirai Mandizadza)

“Liminal Sites: Halfway Houses, Rehabilitation, Punishment” (Katharina Maier)