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Sociology Majors: Please note the following change to our 300-level Social Theory courses (SOC 332/333/334 & SOC 335)

As of Spring 2014, the requirements for the Sociology Major changed. Previously, students were required to take "One of SOC 332, 333 or 334" as the 300-level theory course for the major. This has now changed to just "SOC 335".

If you have already taken one of SOC 332, 333 or 334, then this will still qualify as the 300-level theory course in your degree. You do not need to take SOC 335, and in fact, you are notpermitted to take SOC 335 if you already have credit in SOC 332, 333 or 334.

If you have not already taken one of SOC 332, 333 or 334 as of the end of Winter 2014, then you will need to take SOC 335 to complete the Sociology Major.