The Department of Sociology provides competitive funding packages to all full-time graduate students in the department. Our funding approach—which includes employment, scholarships, and research and travel awards—is designed to support both the scholarly and the professional development of each graduate student.

Guaranteed Funding

All full-time graduate students receive guaranteed funding in the form of research and teaching assistantships (normally twelve hours/week), and, for post-candidacy PhD students, the opportunity to teach as a Principal Instructor. Students pay their tuition and fees out of these incomes. Whenever possible, the department also covers additional tuition fees for international students.

MA (course-based) 1 year (two terms) of guaranteed funding (value = @$16,000)
MA (thesis-based) 2 years (four terms) of guaranteed funding (value = @$32,000)
PhD 4 years (12 terms) of guaranteed funding (value = @ $105,000)

Amounts paid for assistantships and principal instruction are determined through the Association of Employed Graduate Students’ Collective Agreement. Prospective students can visit the FGSR website for an estimate of the cost of living in Edmonton as well as the latest schedule for tuition and fees.