MA Course-Based Program in Sociology (Criminal Justice)


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This is a part-time program and is designed for students who are pursuing a career in one of the components of the criminal justice system. Normally, applicants will have a minimum of one year of full-time work experience related to the criminal justice system by the time they begin this program.

Program Requirements

The program requires 8 single-term courses at the 500 or 600-level, plus a project (SOC 900) equivalent to ★3. Students are also required to complete mandatory ethics training and Professional development. Depending on the student's background, two full-time field placements of four months each may be required. In addition to taking criminology courses, coursework in related disciplines is encouraged. Students with the relevant experience in the criminal justice system without one or more of these courses will be required to make up any course deficiencies in addition to the regular program requirements.

Required Courses:


SOC 525


Three Criminology Courses
Choose from Sociology courses ie. SOC 622 may be offered as different topics.




Three optional courses in Sociology, or another department with approval of the Sociology Graduate office.


Ethics Training - Students will attend the SOC 605 lecture on ethics and complete the online Graduate Student Ethics training course to meet this requirement.
SOC 900 Final Capping Project -The project (SOC 900) involves the preparation of a paper (approximately 50 pages in length) that critically reviews and analyzes the literature on a criminal justice topic. The supervisor and a second reader will grade the project and inform the student and the Graduate office of the outcome. An oral examination will also be required.


Total Program Credits: