MA Thesis-Based Program in Population Life

Students will usually have completed a four-year undergraduate program majoring in Sociology. Graduates of four-year undergraduate programs majoring in related disciplines will also be considered for admission. All MA (Population & Life Course Dynamics) students are expected to have completed at least one undergraduate single-term course in each of the following areas: statistics, research methods, theory, and population or life course/family; students without coursework in these areas will be required to make up this background prior to admission

MA (Population & Life Course Dynamics) students are ordinarily required to complete a minimum of six single-term courses in the first year of study plus a minimum of six thesis credits in the second year of study, as follows:

Program Requirements

Students in the MA thesis Population & Life Course Dynamics program are required to take a minimum of 6 single-term courses at the 500 or 600-level.
Specific requirements include the following:

Required Courses:


Soc 550 Seminar in Population & Life Course Dynamics 

The core seminar of the MA explores theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding the dynamic linkages between individual lives and changing societies, including how they are shaped by specificities of time and context. Topics usually include theory and method of the life course, age and cohort, and institutional demography; life transitions, family, work, and mobility; and issues of generation, health, and longevity.


Soc 509 Quantitative Data Analysis


Soc 533 Research Design


Take a total of 3 courses from the following two groups
(determined in consultation with supervisor and approved by grad chair)

One or two of:


SOC 515 Quantitative Methods

SOC 518 Qualitative Methods

SOC 519 Comparative & Historical Methods in Sociological Research

SOC 531 History of Sociological Thought

SOC 535 Contemporary Social Theory

Plus one or two of: 

SOC 554 Sociology of Human Migration

SOC 557 Sociology of Human Fertility

SOC 565 Sociology of Work

SOC 670 Sociology of Gender & Family

SOC 672 Social Structure & Policy

SOC 675 Sociology of Aging

SOC 683 Sociology of Health & Illness

M.A. Thesis and final Oral Defense


Ethics Training - Students will attend the SOC 605 lecture on ethics and complete the online Graduate Student Ethics training course to meet this requirement.

Total Program Credits: