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BayatRizi, Zohreh
Associate Professor
Sociology Early Modern Studies, 17Th Century Studies, 18Th Century Studies, Middle East And Islamic Studies, Early Modern & Western Europe, History Of Medicine, Social Theory, Socio-Legal Studies & Human Rights 780-492-4301
Bucerius, Sandra
Associate Professor
Sociology Crime & Deviance, Globalization, Migration & Decolonization, Race And Ethnicity, Research Methodology, Urban Sociology 780-492-3561
Caine, Ken
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Sociology Environmental, Environment, Race And Ethnicity, Research Methodology, Cultural Studies 780-492-5853
Campeau, Holly
Assistant Professor
Sociology Crime & Deviance
Clement, Dominique
Associate Professor
Sociology Feminist, Gender And Sexuality Studies, Quebec And Canadian Studies, Political Economy, Gender And Sexuality Studies, Comparative History, Canada, Women's History, Canadian French 780-492-4316
Dorow, Sara
Associate Professor, Department Chair
Sociology Petrocultures, Research Methodology, Globalization, Migration & Decolonization, Families, Race And Ethnicity, Gender And Sexuality 780-492-0472
Dunwoody, Alison
Faculty Lecturer
Sociology Gender And Sexuality Studies, Health, Medicine & Aging, Work And Economy, Crime & Deviance 780-492-3545
Grekul, Jana
Associate Professor, Director BA (Criminology) Program
Sociology Crime & Deviance
Haggerty, Kevin
Professor, Editor - Canadian Journal of Sociology
Sociology Crime & Deviance 780-492-3297
Hayduk, Leslie
Sociology Social Statistics, Research Methodology, Health, Medicine And Aging 780-492-2730
Hogeveen, Bryan
Associate Professor
Sociology Socio-Legal Studies & Human Rights, Social And Political Philosophy, Phenomenology, Deconstruction, Crime & Deviance, 20Th Century French Philosophy, Especially Foucault 780-492-2977
Hughes, Karen
Professor, Sociology
Sociology 780-492-0320
Kaler, Amy
Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate Programs - July 1 2016)
Sociology 780-492-7579
Kent, Stephen
Sociology, Interdisciplinary Studies Religious Studies, Crime & Deviance, Religion, Social Movements, Socio-Legal Studies & Human Rights 780-492-2204
Krahn, Harvey
Professor (Sociology); Adjunct Professor (Business)
Sociology Work And Economy, Social Stratification, Research Methodology, Race & Ethnicity, Environment, Education 780-492-3322
Lee, Robyn
Assistant Professor
Sociology Social Theory, Gender And Sexuality, Families 780-492-0480
Maroto, Michelle
Assistant Professor
Sociology 780-492-0478
Mookerjea, Sourayan
Associate Professor
Sociology Cultural Studies, Ecocriticism, Film, Media, And Image Studies, Empire, Postcolonial, And Nation Studies, Transnationalism And Globalization Studies, Petrocultures, Political Economy, Intermediality, Multi-Media, History Of Race 780-492-5234
Northcott, Herbert C
Sociology Population Studies, Health, Medicine And Aging 780-492-0479
Oriola, Temitope
Assistant Professor
Sociology Crime & Deviance, Socio-Legal Studies & Human Rights, Social Movements 780-492-0476
Pavlich, George
Sociology Socio-Legal Studies & Human Rights 780-492-5343
Shields, Rob
Henry Marshall Tory Chair and Professor
Sociology Urban Sociology, Social Theory, Cultural Studies 780-492-0488
Stevens, Gillian
Sociology Race And Ethnicity 780-492-4377
Strohschein, Lisa
Associate Professor
Sociology Well-Being, Health 780-492-0475
Trovato, Frank
Sociology Population Studies 780-492-5934
Urbanik, Marta-Marika
Assistant Professor
Sociology Crime & Deviance
Westerman, Richard
Assistant Professor
Sociology Social Theory, 19Th And 20Th Century Continental Philosophy, Contemporary Social And Political Philosophy, German Studies, Phenomenology, Socio-Legal Studies & Human Rights