Alumni Career Profiles

Freya Hammond-Thasher

Utlizing skills gained in the Honors in Sociology program, Freya found a job in the non-profit sector that combined her desire for a career in writing with her passion for social justice. 

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Taylor Joseph

Taylor landed her first full-time position as the Student Services Assistant in the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Services Office at the University of Alberta thanks to the valuable experience she gained in the Arts Work Experience Program. Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, in the Cooperative Education Program, along with a Certificate in International Learning.

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Meryn Severson

Meryn is a Policy and Research Analyst at Capital Region Housing. Meryn credits, among other key experiences, attending conferences as an important element of her employment pathway. Meryn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Sociology and Human Geography, along with a Certificate in Sustainability.

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