Criminology Undergraduate Student Association

CUSA is a student group founded in 2019 that works alongside the growing Criminology program to mentor and encourage Criminology students in their endeavours. Through a variety of events, CUSA hopes to inspire all Criminology undergrads as well as others on campus with a passion for social justice to learn about the criminal justice field and how to make a difference.

The mission for the Criminology Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA) is to strengthen relations within the Criminology program and to support Criminology students throughout their time at the University of Alberta in the Department of Sociology. This association provides various events that are student-led and fosters peer growth through studies, mentoring, and networking. CUSA collaborates with the esteemed Criminology program to provide students with excellent academic training and practical experiences that are relevant to their career.

For more information on this group or to be a member* please contact

*Membership in CUSA is possible for all current undergraduate students registered in the Criminology program or any students in the Sociology department who pose an interest in the criminal justice sector. In order to join, one must be a current member of the Criminology program or in the Sociology department and express an interest to the current Executive Members.

Interested in the Mentorship Program?

The CUSA mentor/mentee program was created to provide undergraduate students in the criminology program with an opportunity to meet others in the program and to learn from their experiences. This is an opportunity to also practice mentorship and demonstrate leadership skills! The time commitment is not onerous.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee contact for more information on how to get involved!