Students who meet the following eligibility requirements are invited to apply:

  • Eligible for admission to the Faculty of Arts
  • Completed 30 transferable university credits
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7 on the most recent 30 university credits

(Please note that admission directly from high school is not permitted.)

The strongest applicants show an interest in criminology and the criminal justice system by demonstrating work and/or volunteer experience related to the field.

Applicants must:

  1. Complete an online application by 1 March.
  2. Submit a printed copy of the following to the Department of Sociology by 1 March:
  • Resume: To be tailored to your suitability to the program and to working in the criminal justice system. Highlight relevant work/volunteer experience. If your work/volunteer experience is not directly related to the criminal justice system, highlight valuable experience (i.e. leadership, organizational skills, working with youth, etc.)
  • Letter of Career Objectives (1-2 pages): This can be similar to a cover letter. Highlight your motivations for applying to the program; suggest what your career objectives may be and how the BA (Criminology) program can help you attain these goals. Describe your suitability for the program and for working in the criminal justice system.
  • Two professional references (at minimum): These references can be from professors, volunteer/work supervisors.

The Criminology Program advisor will contact each eligible applicant after March1 to arrange an admission interview.

Courses to take before applying:

Basic Requirements:

  • ★6 Junior English
  • ★6 Language Other than English
  • ★6 Science (courses offered by the Faculty of Science)
  • ★18 Breadth and Diversity (6★in each of Groups 1 – Fine Arts, 2 – Humanities and 3 – Social Science)

Basic Requirements do not need to be completed prior to applying to the Criminology program.