combines the rigour of a scientific discipline with a concern for social relevance. As a Sociology student, you will become more aware of how people relate to one another, and how a person's attitudes, actions and opportunities are shaped by social structures (groups, communities, organizations, etc), social categories (age, sex, class, race, etc) and social institutions (politics, religion, education, etc). This deeper understanding of people will lead you to an improved understanding of social issues and how they might be better addressed through enlightened and effective social policy.

Bachelor of Arts - Sociology Major

This program allows students to specialize in Sociology while receiving a diverse liberal arts education. Students can choose to do a double major with another Arts discipline or choose a minor subject.

Bachelor of Arts - Honors Sociology

This program requires a higher level of academic performance and provides an opportunity for even greater specialization in Sociology than is provided by the regular BA program.

Bachelor of Arts - Sociology Minor

Gain a foundation in the field of Sociology (your minor area) alongside a complementary major in an arts, science or business degree.