Recent Honors Essay Projects

Sarah Kondor

Honors Essay Topic: An Examination of Canada's Sex Work Policies Through a Global Lens

Honors Supervisor: Dr. Alison Dunwoody

My Honors thesis will look at how Canada's latest laws surrounding sex work, introduced in 2014, will affect sex workers in the Canadian context. Because these new laws were introduced and implemented relatively recently, there is a dearth of existing research regarding the implications of these laws on sex workers themselves. To work around this, I will review the effects of the various laws that regulate sex work in different countries with different social, political, and historical contexts to piece together the diverse consequences, both positive and negative, for sex workers in Canada.


Vicky Lin

Honors Essay Topic: Art and the Overcoming of Rationalization

Honors Supervisor: Dr. Richard Westerman

In an increasingly rational-oriented world that values productivity, I am sure all of us at one point (if not multiple) have experienced a feeling of burnout, loneliness, or a sense of meaningless in our lives. Combined with my interest in social theory and advocacy of the importance of art and its place in society, this was something that I was determined to involve in my thesis. Rationalization provides structure and encourages progress, but is there a way to escape the "iron cage" of rationalization without eliminating those positive aspects? Primarily through theories put forward by Western Marxists, my Honors thesis will examine the problems of societal rationalization, the implications for an individual's subjectivity, and whether art is a viable means of overcoming rationalization without destroying it completely.


Remy Wood

Honors Essay Topic: The Effect of Political Spin on Environmental Policy and the Comparison of the American and Canadian Contexts

Honors Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Kent

Given the current global political climate, the use of spin has become especially ubiquitous. My thesis will focus on the use of political spin in the North American context and how it is applied in the world of advertising, while delving into the specific social psychology behind the influence it holds.




Freya Hammond-Thrasher

Honors Essay Topic: Understanding Indigenous Food Sovereignty In Urban Canada

Honors Supervisor: Dr. Ken Caine

Like many of you, I've always been interested in food. However, my experience going vegan for the last couple years has made me aware of the many cultural, capitalist, and colonial practices that negotiate how people value food. My thesis moves beyond the concept of "food security" in an attempt to recognize and understand the cultural values and resurgence practices involved in Indigenous peoples' reclamation of "food sovereignty." I examine this topic in the context of an increasingly globalized and urbanized land we call Canada.


Julia Kavanagh

Honors Essay Topic: Food Security in South Sudan

Honors Supervisor: Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea

My thesis will focus on how conflict, climate change, and an unstable government impact the food security of South Sudan. More specifically, I plan on contextualizing the country's current food crisis in terms of globalization and neoliberal policies that arose after the Second World War.