Bachelor of Arts - Sociology Minor

For students in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program, a minor in Sociology requires a minimum of ★18 in coursework, outlined below.

Students considering a minor in Sociology studying in a degree program outside the Faculty of Arts complete the below requirements, plus any additional credits required by their own Faculty for completing a minor.

  • SOC 100 - Introductory Sociology
  • ★6 unspecified SOC (any Sociology course)
  • ★6 SOC at the 300- or 400-level
  • ★3 from:
    • SOC 210 - Introduction to Social Statistics (see Note 1)
    • SOC 224 - Sociology of Deviance and Conformity
    • SOC 225 - Criminology
    • SOC 241 - Social Psychology
    • SOC 251 - Population and Society 
    • SOC 260 - Inequality and Social Stratification
    • SOC 269 - Introductory Sociology of Globalization
    • SOC 271 - Introduction to the Family


Note 1:  Students from the Faculty of Science who have already received credit in Stat 141 or 151 cannot also go on to receive credit in SOC 210.

Note 2: Students in the BA program minoring in Sociology may take additional Sociology courses towards their minor, up to a maximum of 42 senior level Sociology courses. Senior level coursework is considered 200 level, 300 level, and 400 level. Students minoring in Sociology from other Faculties should consult their own Faculty for maximum credits permitted in the minor area.

Note 3: R SOC 355 and R SOC 450 have been approved for cross-listing as applicable to a major or minor in Sociology.

Declaring or Changing your Minor: If you are currently in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program, and would like to officially declare or change your minor to Sociology, submit an on-line Google Form titled Declaration or Change of Major/Minor. The Arts Undergraduate Student Services office will process your request. Please allow 10 business days for your record to be updated.


We have organized our courses into twelve pathways to assist students in identifying areas of interest within the Sociology program.

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