AIM Program

The AIM Program is an innovative approach to training that is designed to help athletes build a strong general athletic foundation to support their sport-specific pursuits. By integrating physical and mental training, the AIM Program represents an efficient and effective way to build this foundation at every age and stage of development.

On the physical side, the AIM Program begins by developing the fundamental movement skills that underpin all sports (i.e., running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, swimming, and skating). Then, as athletes mature, the focus shifts progressively to the ABC’s of athleticism (i.e. agility, balance, coordination, and speed) and to the key elements of sport conditioning (i.e., strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and endurance).

On the mental side, the AIM Program begins by focusing on a variety of skills that are beneficial in both sport and life (i.e., fair play, cooperation, teamwork, communication, and goal setting). Then, as athletes mature, the focus shifts progressively to an assortment of performance-oriented skills (i.e., imagery, confidence, activation control, self-talk, focus, and leadership).

The net result is that the AIM Program provides an age-appropriate blend of physical and mental training that helps athletes to succeed in their sport(s) of choice. It also provides opportunities for coaches to develop specialized competencies in these areas, and to deliver corresponding programming.