AIM Program

Ages 18 and Over

As indicated in the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework, the Train-to-Win 1 (ages 18-22+) and Train-to-Win 2 (ages 23+) stages are squarely focused on achieving competitive excellence at the upper levels of sport. To this end, beyond refining their technical and tactical skills, athletes at these advanced stages need to be particularly diligent about their physical and mental training. Consequently, our AIM Program is delivered in a manner that is fully compatible with these athletes’ annual plans.

At the Train-to-Win 1 stage (ages 18-22+), the AIM Program is focused primarily on University of Alberta student-athletes, including those associated with our Golden Bears and Pandas Varsity Teams and certain Competitive Sport Clubs (i.e., those in our Late-Entry Sports). At the Train-to-Win 2 stage (ages 23+), the focus shifts to former student-athletes with the potential to make a National or Professional Team, and to anyone who is already competing at that level.

Regardless of their stage or affiliation, these athletes have access to the full range of high performance services that the AIM Program has to offer. From a physical standpoint, this means a customized regimen that incorporates sport conditioning and movement training and address each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. From a mental standpoint, it means access to a wide range of workshops, personal consultations, and online exercises that all help to strengthen this essential aspect of performance.