Athlete Pathway


Now that our athletes have taken the necessary time to Explore their options within a given sport category, they are ready to Engage in the sport(s) that best suit their interest and aptitude. Recognizing that their initial grounding will have occurred one stage earlier, our Athlete Pathway makes it possible for athletes to Engage in Early-Entry Sports during the Learn-to-Train stage (ages 9-12), Mid-Entry Sports at the Train-to-Train stage (ages 12-15), and Late-Entry Sports at the Train-to-Compete stage (ages 15-18).

For those living in the greater Edmonton area, this means registering for one of our Junior Programs, which provide high quality training and competition opportunities that are appropriate to the context of each sport. These Junior Programs are closely connected to one of our Golden Bears and Pandas Varsity Teams in our Early-Entry and Mid-Entry Sports and to one of our Green & Gold Sports Clubs in our Late-Entry Sports. Building on this infrastructure, Junior Programs will soon be available in all 18 sports that make up the Green & Gold Sport System.

Non-local athletes will also be able to benefit from this infrastructure by registering for one of our Junior Elite Camps. These Camps will combine sport-specific training and competition opportunities, and will also incorporate our innovative AIM Program. This will allow all registrants to develop their sport-specific and general athletic skills, and to other athletes from across Alberta and beyond.