Athlete Pathway


Once they have invested the necessary time to Engage in their sport(s) of choice, our most promising prospects are given every opportunity to Excel. Although elite level success is still a few years away, the pursuit of excellence truly begins at the Train-to-Train stage (ages 12-15) in Early-Entry Sports, the Learn-to-Compete stage (ages 15-18) in Mid-Entry Sports, and the Train-to-Compete stage (ages 18-22+) in Late-Entry Sports.

Our Athlete Pathway makes it possible for the most skilled athletes in our Early-Entry and Mid-Entry Sports to advance to our Golden Bears and Pandas Varsity Teams. This often occurs through our Junior Programs, which have been specifically designed to provide locally based athletes with the optimal training and competition program. It also occurs through our Junior Elite Camps, which provide interested athletes with an intense, short-term developmental experience and the opportunity to test themselves against the best prospects from across Alberta and beyond.

Our Athlete Pathway also makes it possible for athletes in our Late-Entry Sports to Excel though our Green & Gold Sports Clubs. It is important to recognize that these clubs exist to serve the University of Alberta student population, which is entirely appropriate when one considers the age realities associated with our Late-Entry Sports. The training and competition opportunities are provided only to our own students since athletes in Late-Entry Sports begin to excel at the Train-to-Win 1 stage (ages 18-22+).