Athlete Pathway


Our Athlete Pathway provides opportunities for young athletes to explore Early-Entry Sports at the FUNdamentals stage (ages 6-9), Mid-Entry Sports at the Learn-to-Train stage (ages 9-12), and Late-Entry Sports at the Train-to-Train stage (ages 12-15). In each case this is one stage earlier than when competition needs to be initiated, which enables us to give all our young athletes a healthy head start that is focused on progressive skill development.

This process typically begins by registering for one or more of our Green & Gold Sport Camps, which have all been recently been re-designed to align with the structure of our Athlete Pathway. Week-long introductory camps are now available in all 18 sports associated with our system with each featuring built-in exposure to our AIM Program. This helps to ensure an enjoyable and well-rounded experience that incorporates both general athletic and sport-specific elements.

Once they have taken part in one or more of our camps, participants are ready to register for Fall, Winter, and/or Spring Courses, which offer progressive skill-development opportunities in the sport(s) of their choice and incorporate our innovative AIM Program. These courses have been specifically designed to teach the sport-specific skills that are laid out in each sport’s official Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) document.