Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the money for registration go?
We are a registered non-profit organization with the vision to develop aspiring hockey players into tomorrow’s leaders. All proceeds go towards the continued development of the athletes involved in our specific hockey programs.

Do I have to pay the entire amount upfront?
No. You have the option of paying as early as you like; however, total sum of fees are due two weeks before the start of the Spring season (March 20, 2017).

When does the program start?
The program will begin after April 3rd and continue on for 10 weeks, ending around the third week of June.

Is there a try-out process?
There is no mandated try-out process. Each team will consist of a maximum of 15 skaters and 2 goaltenders assembled by each team’s respective coach. However, if a coach for a particular team had a roster of 10 players but still needed to fill some spots, information of individual registrants interested in trying out for that particular team would be sent to the coach for consideration. Additionally, the list of individual registrants interested in trying out would be sent to the coach of full rosters for their consideration as well, but no guarantee a tryout process would occur as this is up to the individual coach.

What if our team does not want to have 15 skaters and 2 goaltenders?

This decision is up to each individual team, and will be addressed in the initial vetting process of coaches (see below). If a team chooses to roster fewer than 17 total players, they should expect individual player fees to increase accordingly to cover the costs of the program.

How are the coaches selected?

Each coach will go through an appropriate vetting process that aligns with the policies of the University of Alberta Green & Gold Sports System and Golden Bears Hockey. Those coaches selected will become employees of the Junior Golden Bears Program and will be provided with opportunities for coach mentoring, development and advancement.

Where do we get ice?
Ice times will be block-booked by the Junior Golden Bears Hockey Program for the Clare Drake Arena and our partner City of Edmonton arenas. Specific times will be allotted to each team accordingly based on individual coach recommendations and requests.

What about off-ice training?
Off-ice training will consist of involvement with the AIM program mentioned above. This innovative program is designed to help each athlete build a strong athletic foundation to facilitate and support their continued hockey development. The AIM program is age dependent and varies in content the older the athletes become.

Parking at the University costs money….
Yes it does, but we have established a strong partnership with Parking Services, and parking has been included in your team fees.

Will we be hosting a tournament in Spring 2017?
Yes. We are still working on the details with regards to a tournament. We cannot say at this time how many teams or divisions will be involved, but we are working on making it as program-wide as possible.

What does 25 total hours of ice time actually mean?
This ensures there is flexibility when scheduling exhibition games where a longer ice time is usually required, and provides coaches the option of longer or shorter practice times as well throughout the week, depending on the individual requests of each team.

Why is there a limit of only 4 hours for exhibition games?
4 hours equates to 2 exhibition games. In Spring hockey, if a team chooses to host an exhibition game, it is expected the visiting team will reciprocate the offer. This would mean each team has the potential of playing 4 exhibition games in a single Spring season.

What if our team already has a hockey-specific expert that we employ?
That is fine. Your team will still receive the added benefit of having a Golden Bears Hockey Coaching Staff member run two Tactical Development-Focused practices; however, you should expect to pay the added cost of employing your regular expert over and above the cost of the program.

What do the kids receive for apparel and merchandise?
Each player will receive:
• 2 Game Jerseys (home and away)
• 1 Practice Jersey
• Game socks
• Pant shell
• Tracksuit
• Hoodie
• 1 Hockey Bag (Year 1)
• 1 Backpack (Year 2)
• Helmet numbers and stickers