Important Camp Information

2021 Camp Guidelines & Procedures:

Using the current AHS Stage 2 Camp Guidance document as the base we will employ and follow the following protocols:
Drop-off & Pick-up TImes

Explore & Engage Full-day Camps

  • Start time 8:45 am: Drop-off can start at 8:35 am.  This reduced drop-off time is in place to ensure buildings that our camps are taking place in do not have any capacity issues.
  • End Time is 4:15 pm: Pick-ups can begin at 4:10 pm.  To reduce the number of people inside the building, we ask that parents do not come early to spectate.
Staff at Sign In / Drop Off
  1. All camp staff interacting with camp participants and their parents at the sign in and sign out location will wear a face mask.
  2. Camp staff will ensure all participants have completed the Pre-Camp Screening and Tracking form.  This form has been based on the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist
  3. Camp staff will sing in each camp participant with a Personal QR code scan each day.
  4. Camp Staff will set up & disinfect cones & gates used for camp entrance/ exit gate & pathways.
  5. Camp Staff will ensure there is hand sanitizer provided for participants and parents the sign-in/sign-out table.
  6. Information signage will be set up along the entrance/ exit path.
    1. AHS Stop the Spread information
    2. GGSC AHS prescreening tracking and tracing checklist URL (Parents will be asked to use their own phones to complete this checklist before signing into camp)
    3. GGSC QR Code information
  7. Camp staff will confirm that the GGSC Pre-camp screening checklist has been completed appropriately before accepting child into camp.
Staff at Pick up / Sign-out
  1. Camp staff at the sign-out table will be required to wear a mask
  2. All disinfecting procedures used during sign-in will be employed for sign out time.
  3. When a parent arrives at the sign-out table, the coach shall ask the name of the child and call them over to the table.
  4. Once the child is at the table, the Staff member will check the child out scanning their personal QR Code
  5. Camp staff will ask participant to sanitize their hands as they leave the track area.
  6. Parents will be asked to make their way to the parking lot quickly to keep the sign-out area clear 
Parents and Participants at Sign in
  1. Parents can park in either parking lot at Foote Field.
  2. Parents & Participants will make their way to the service road/ path on the west/ track side of the parking lot.
  3. Families are encouraged to have one designated sing in/sign out person for the week if possible to limit the number of people visiting the facility/ camp.
  4. In the queue for sign in parents will be asked to complete the Pre-Camp Screening and Tracking Form.  This is a requirement of the AHS Day Camp guidelines.  Parents will be asked to use their own personal phones to complete this form online.  If they do not have a phone that has access to the internet we will provide a paper version and disinfected pen.
  5. At the entrance to the sign in table parents will have access to hand sanitizer.
  6. At the Sign in table:
    1. Camp staff will great both the participant and the Parent. 
    2. Camp staff will ask to see the participants QR Code.  
    3. Camp staff will cross reference participant with the Pre-Camp screening and tracking form submission.  If any answer is yes, the camp staff will ask the Parent to not leave the participant at camp for the day.  A prorated refund will be processed if the participant is unable to participate because of symptoms.
    4. Once the Camp staff has determined we can accept the participant, they will direct participant into the track area.
    5. Parents are not permitted inside the track area. 
    6. After drop off, Parents will be asked to exit the area to their vehicle in the Foote field parking lot using the marked exit path.
Parents & Participants at Sign Out/ Pick up
  1. All parking procedures outlined in the previous section remain in place.
  2. Parents will queue in the entrance line at the sign-out area.
  3. Once a parent gets to the Sign-out table, they will be asked to present the Participant QR Code 
  4. If the participant is not close enough to be called for, a second camp staff will go and get the participant from the track area.
  5. Once the child has been located and is at the sign-out table with the parent, the camp staff will scan the QR code to sign the participant out.
  6. Camp staff will ask the participant to use hand sanitizer upon exiting the track.
  7. The parent and participant will exit the area to their vehicle in the Foote Field parking lot using the marked exit path.