School Field Trip Program

Our goal is to provide your students with an awesome experience while exposing them to our unique facilities. Activities will be booked separately, so please contact the specific facility to arrange your field trip. Pricing will be determined by each facility. 

SOUTH CAMPUS - Saville Community Sports Centre - 11610 65 Avenue

What could be cooler than being introduced to curling at the National Training Centre of Canada? Our qualified instructors will teach participants all the basics, and will give them an opportunity to actually play the game.

To book, please contact: Kelsey Rocque - 780-492-5519 -

NORTH CAMPUS - Van Vliet Complex - 114 Street and 87 Avenue

What could be more fun than climbing up to the top of our brand new, state-of-the-art Wilson Climbing Centre? Our qualified instructors will ensure all participants are safe while learning proper climbing techniques.

To book, please contact:

We offer a variety of different pool-based activities, such as fun swim, underwater hockey, innertube water polo, and more! Contact us today to choose your favourite.

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Lab Tour
This tour is designed to expose students from science, sports medicine and sport performance classes to how we test athletes cardiovascular fitness, muscular power and body composition. In this option we would have 4 to 5 students from you class volunteer to complete some of the lab based tests (VO2max, Dunk test, Wingate). While the students are doing the test we would explain what is happening in the body and how we are measuring it.

To book, please contact: Alex Game - 780-492-0997 -

Class Testing
This tour is designed for students from science, sports medicine and sport performance classes to have their own fitness levels measured. Information can then be used to create class based assignments or projects on student health, fitness, physical activity, etc. On this tour we run all the students through 4-5 tests. Tests might include: sprint test, vertical jump test, beep test, etc... Students would get an individual feedback package that includes an explanation of each test, their results, and a comparison to their class average or age matched normative data.

To book, please contact: Alex Game - 780-492-0997 -