Work at SJC

Apply to be a Student Leader for the Fall 2022/Winter 2023 term!

SJC has 3 different student opportunities! You can find the position descriptions in the application package. 

Mentors: Must have completed your 1st year of University (volunteer position)

Community Caretakers (CCs): Any year may apply (compensated position)

Prefects: Must be Graduate or Professional Students (advanced Undergraduate students or After Degree students may be considered) (compensated position)

Though you can only hold one position, you may apply for any positions you qualify for. There is one application for Mentors and CCs and a separate application for the Prefect position.

Deadline to apply is Feb 28th at 4pm for all positions. 

Applications can be dropped off to Stephanie Lehr in office 1-12 or emailed to

If you have any questions about the positions please email

Download the applications here:

Mentors & CCs Application

Prefects Application