Donating to SJC

Your gift helps SJC grow and meet clearly identified needs in the following areas:

Academic Program Expansion

The development of diverse course options is fundamental in promoting the integration of faith and reason through transformative education. We can achieve this through:

  • Developing courses that meet the needs of current students.
  • The expansion of International Service Learning Opportunities.

Mental Health Service
Students, Staff & Faculty at the University of Alberta will have opportunities to access the services of a Psychologist. 

Campus Ministry Support
Integrating all aspects of the student's development is supported through:

  • Counselling and Crisis Support
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Community Engagement
  • Worship Opportunities 

Bursaries, Awards & Scholarships
St. Joseph's College offers additional financial support to qualified students through:

  • Residential Bursaries
  • Campus Ministry Awards
  • Academic Scholarships