Your gift helps SJC grow and meet clearly identified needs in the following areas:

Academic Program Expansion

The development of diverse course options is fundamental in promoting the integration of faith and reason through transformative education. We can achieve this through:

  • Courses that meet the needs of current students
  • The expansion of our International Service Learning Opportunities

Mental Health Service
Students, Staff & Faculty at the University of Alberta will be given the opportunities to seek help from a Psychologist. 

Campus Ministry Support
Additional resources are vital to ensure that each student and resident receives the necessary support for their personal discernment. Integrating all aspects of the student's development is supported through:

  • Counselling and Crisis Support
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Community Engagement
  • Worship Opportunities 

Bursaries, Awards & Scholarships
Additional financial support will provide many students with the opportunity to reach their potential and fulfil their educational goals by:

  • Residential Bursaries
  • Campus Ministry Awards
  • Academic Scholarships