4-in-1 Book Launch by SJC Profs

Featuring Doctors Flynn, Hoven, Kostelecky and Zelyck

13 January 2020

Please join us for a special event to celebrate the launch of four new books by SJC profs.

When: Thursday, February 6, 3:30pm
Where: SJC boardroom
What: Book launch by four SJC profs:
A Story of YHWH: Cultural Translation and Subversive Reception Through Israelite History, by Shawn W. Flynn.
Sport and Christianity: Practices for the Twenty-First Century, by Matt Hoven, Andrew Parker & Nick J. Watson.
The Human Person: What Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas Offer Modern Psychology, by Thomas L. Spalding, James M. Stedman, Christina L. Gagné & Matthew Kostelecky.
The Egerton Gospel (Egerton Papyrus 2 + Papyrus Köln VI 255): Introduction, Critical Edition, and Commentary, by Lorne R. Zelyck.