SJC Receives Grant from Wabash Centre

12 May 2020

SJC Receives Grant from the Wabash Centre

It is our pleasure to announce that SJC has received a large project grant, totalling just over $18,000, from the Wabash Centre for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, an organization that supports teachers of religion and theology in higher education in North American theological schools, colleges, and universities.

This grant will support SJC’s project, Cohesion, Consistency, and Collective Vocation: Teaching at a Religious Institution in the Public Sphere, three consecutive years of teaching workshops designed to foster the growth of SJC’s diverse and interdisciplinary group of faculty and sessional instructors, culminating in a final retreat.

Developed by VP Academic/Dean and incoming Interim President Dr. Shawn W. Flynn, Interim Associate Dean Dr. Indre Cuplinskas, and Director of Library Services Hailey Siracky, the project utilizes the expertise of SJC faculty to encourage deep conversation around issues such as teaching theological disciplines on a public campus and the vocation of an educator at a religious institution in the public sphere.

Dr. Shawn Flynn, incoming interim president of SJC, says:

“The Wabash grant will be an opportunity for SJC’s talented faculty to set aside time to engage as colleagues, and share their expertise to support each other's pedagogy. Providing us with over 3 years of funding, this grant helps us explore the intersections of faith and reason as an important discipline of study at the public research University. The yearly workshops, reporting out on results, and supporting different modes of teaching, will each reflect upon our vocation as teachers and the unique role that calling takes as a Catholic College contributing to the University of Alberta.”

SJC is grateful to the Wabash Centre for its generous support of religious and theological higher education and looks forward to implementing the first of its workshops this August.