Benefits of the SJC Women's Residence

08 May 2020

How our SJC Women's Residence was built for COVID

The apartments in our Women's Residence have some significant benefits when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID. For one thing, our multi-bedroom apartments (2 or 4 bedrooms each) are set up with separate washroom vanities designated to each individual resident. Four-bedroom apartments contain two washrooms and a total of four separate vanities, while two-bedroom apartments have one washroom with two separate vanities. That way, there's less chance for germs to spread with each resident having their own vanity.

Another advantage that helps prevent the spread of COVID, the HVAC system in our Women's Residence was constructed with the latest design technology possible, in order to supply the cleanest and safest air supply to the residence. The system provides 100% fresh filtered outdoor air and 100% of the building exhaust air is displaced to the outdoors, rather than recirculated (as is the case with most older building HVAC systems). This ensures that nothing can be spread throughout the building within the HVAC systems.

If you're interested in staying in our Women's Residence, please contact Mark Ferne, our VP (Student Services).