Dr. Denis Lamoureux awarded Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal

12 December 2022

The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal is awarded to 7,000 Albertans throughout 2022 in recognition of significant contributions to the province.

For 25 years, Dr. Denis Oswald Lamoureux has devoted his distinguished academic career to guiding students through the tensions between faith and science, specifically around evolution. Equipped as an expert in Interdisciplinary Theology (in the area of Science and Religion) and Oral Biology (Dental Development and Evolution), while sharing a personal narrative approach, he shows how the two fields can co-exist. Over a long career supported by rigorous academic training in multiple fields, strong publications, and gifted teaching, Dr. Lamoureux guides students through the evidence for evolution while exploring the tensions with, and eventual reconciliation of religious belief. In his classes the tensions between faith and science are given full and direct attention via a respectful academic environment that encourages diversity of perspectives, and the importance of faith in the public sphere.
He has done this over a strong career primarily focused on undergraduate students. Supported by multiple teaching awards, with 7 published books, over 30 scientific and theological papers and over 500 public outreach through debates, high school lectures, University lectures, Church lectures, and media appearances, he continues to inspire and guide students through his lectures and teaching.

Nominated by President Flynn and MLA Lori Sigrudson, the medal was presented to Dr. Lamoureux at College Assembly on December 9th, 2022.