Certificate in Catholic Education

St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta offers a Certificate in Catholic Education to provide additional special qualifications in the area of Catholic elementary and secondary education. The Certificate is designed to prepare teachers to work in Alberta's Catholic School Districts. It also provides teachers with religious education courses that may be required or recommended by Catholic school districts in Alberta towards being considered for a continuous teaching contract. Successful completion of the Certificate demonstrates initiative on the part of the education student or teacher, as well as a serious desire for the opportunity to teach in Catholic school districts. 

Application Process

1) Submit the application form to St. Joseph's College
2) Pay the application fee of $50

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Certificate program requires enrolment in one of the following:

Components of the Program
The Certificate consists of four 3-credit courses:

1) CHRTC 100: The Bible: An Introduction
2) CHRTC 250: The Theological Education of the Catholic Teacher
3) CHRTC 380: Teaching Religion: Elementary     OR     CHRTC 381: Teaching Religion: Secondary
4)  Any other SJC course

Certificate Guidelines

  • Applicants may apply to enter the Certificate program in any semester.
  • Students are encouraged to take CHRTC 100, CHRTC 250, and CHRTC 380 or CHRTC 381 in successive order.
  • The Certificate must be completed within five consecutive academic years.
  • Students must achieve an average 3.0 GPA among the four courses to be granted the Certificate in Catholic Education.

Completion of the Certificate
Upon successful completion of the Certificate requirements, the student/participant will receive an official St. Joseph's College Certificate of Completion together with an official Letter listing the certificate courses completed. This Certificate and Letter may serve as an important component in job applications to Catholic school districts in Alberta, as well as proof of completion of religious education courses.

Additional Information 

  • All courses offered at St. Joseph’s College count as University of Alberta Arts credits and will appear on final transcripts/records.
  • Some Catholic School Districts may request a pastoral reference as part of the employment application.
  • St. Joseph’s College has an active Campus Ministry program that includes numerous student groups and volunteer opportunities.
  • St. Joseph’s College offers Mass six days a week in the Chapel; view our mass schedule