Mentorship Program

Maybe you are a first year student preparing to start life on campus, or maybe you are a second, third or fourth year who has been invited to look into the mentorship program here at St. Joe's college at the University of Alberta. I want to say welcome! We are not meant to walk this path of university life alone, and the mentorship program is here to help.

The purpose of the mentorship program is to build the community of St. Joseph’s College by supporting and building up the students through supportive relationships. We desire to build friendships and relationships between first year students and other students in order to support the student's transition into community life, to help students feel supported, combat isolation and to have a greater chance of success in their university career and beyond.

With the mentorship program, the desire is to have individuals within our residences feel supported, encouraged and validated. We do not want anyone to feel alone. In providing this kind of support we hope that St. Joseph’s College will also help to combat the issue of suicide at the University as a whole.

So where should you start?
If you are considering becoming a mentor, please fill out the registration form. Mid-September you can expect to be contacted by your mentor. If you have any questions or concerns at all, now or during the year, please contact us.