Residence Services

Room Closures

There has been a significant water leak in the SJC women’s residence from a sprinkler head in one of the rooms, leaking to the floors below.

You may return your room if it has not been directly affected. Please do not enter any rooms with a green X.

We are endeavouring to restore the rooms as quickly as possible. Regular updates on progress will be emailed to all residents over the next several days.

If you need mental health support, please access the support services offered through the Office of the Dean of Students. SJC support staff will also be on site throughout this time.

  • Collecting Necessities from Your Room

    We are hopeful that many of the residents will be able to return to their rooms with all their belongings on Friday, February 15. However, those who will have to take longer-term temporary accommodation in Nipisiy House and still need to remove items from their rooms should come to the lobby of the Women's Residence as soon as possible to make arrangements to gain temporary access. This is important since access to certain areas of the building will likely have to be restricted at various times during the restoration process.

  • Returning to Rooms

    You may return to your room if it has not been directly affected by the leak . Rooms marked with a green "X" on the door are not accessible at this time.   

  • Alternate Accommodations

    We are currently awaiting word as to when affected rooms will be cleared for occupancy. In the meantime, residents are requested to follow this site and email for updated information on clearances.

    We have arranged for longer-term accommodation for those residents who cannot return to their rooms this Friday. This accommodation will be in Nipisiy House in East Campus Village. If you are currently housed in Lister, Campus Towers or Peter Lougheed, you will be asked to move to Nipisiy on Friday. If required, SJC will assist with transportation from your current location to Nipisiy.

  • Travel to Alternate Accommodations
    Residents moving to longer-term accommodation in Nipisiy House who require transportation on Friday, February 15 should monitor this site and/or personal email for details.
  • Food Options

    Please note the following regarding the current meal service arrangements for residents affected by the flood:

    1) Lister Central ~ Lister Central Dining Services have the list of SJC women residents; simply present your OneCard. This service will continue until Friday, February 15, at which time residents will be able either to return to their rooms at SJC or move to Nipisiy House. In the latter situation, meals will be provided in the dining room at Peter Lougheed.

    2) SJC Dining Hall ~ For those taking meals at SJC, the same arrangement will be in place. For the present, the schedule of meals is as follows:

    Breakfast: from 7 a.m. daily

    Lunch: from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily

    Supper: from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily (those who cannot make this time slot because of classes, etc., can either request a plate be make up for them to retrieve later, or access leftovers from the cooler at the south end of the servery).

  • Laundry
    As of February 14, all laundry facilities except those on the 5th floor are available. Note that at times restoration work may be going on in 1st and 3rd, but those facilities will still be usable.
  • Deferred Exams & Assignments

    We have already informed the Dean of Students at the UofA regarding this situation and they are prepared and ready to work with your faculty when the time comes.

    If you need your exams and/or assignments deferred, please speak first to your instructor(s). If you are not able to work out a satisfactory arrangement, contact Andre Costopoulos <> and Sarah Wolgemuth <> in the Dean of Students office at the UofA, and they will work with your Faculty to arrange any needed deferments. 

    At this time, we ask that you focus on essentials such as your mental and physical health. This is not a time to worry about exams. 

  • St Josephs College
    This button is no longer active.
  • Restoration

    Restoration staff will be in the building with their equipment every day until restoration has been completed. They will be clearly identifiable by their “Sparklean Restoration” uniforms. We have also increased security throughout the building; they will be making regular rounds to ensure your safety.

  • Town Hall
    The Town Hall information and Q and A session took place on Monday, February 11. A summary of this event has been circulated to all residents and others on the general email list. In addition, updates are circulated regularly to those affected by this event.
  • Message to Parents

    We wish parents of those residents affected by the flood to know that we are making every effort to ensure the safety and security of your daughter. As of today, Wednesday, February 13, everyone has been provided alternative accommodation and meal service in three locations on the U of A campus. Our present hope is that many of the women will be able to return to their residences on Friday, February 15; however, those whose rooms have been more severely impacted will be accommodated from February 15 in the new Nipisiy House in the East Campus Village, until it is safe for them to return to SJC. They will also receive full meal service in Peter Lougheed until they can return to SJC.

    In addition, those who are concerned about the impact on assignments and mid-terms have been provided instructions as to how to access the services of the office of the U of A Dean of Students to assist them. Further, SJC Campus Ministry staff are prepared to provide counseling and other pastoral services to any students who may request them.

    Finally, because of the need to permit access to the building to the restoration company, we have increased security presence and patrols.