2021 Graduate Profiles (Spring)

Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality (Art Therapy Specialization) 


Katrina Grabner

I live and work on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, including the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh Nations, also known as Vancouver, BC. I work as a trauma therapist with Family Services of Greater Vancouver supporting children, families and people of all marginalized genders, including women, Two Spirit, trans, and non-binary people, who have experienced violence and abuse. I also work one day a week in private practice where I run online art therapy groups and workshops.www.cultivatearttherapy.com

Capstone Title: Arise: An Art Therapy Group Manual for Women/Persons With Vulvas and Vaginas Experiencing Dyspareunia (Chronic Sexual Pain)

Capstone Abstract: 15% of women in North America experience dyspareunia, chronic sexual pain (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Women who live with dyspareunia find it difficult to seek help, treatment, or support, and report a complicated path to diagnosis (Pukall et al., 2016). Dyspareunia impacts women/persons with vulvas and vaginas on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, causing increased anxiety, guilt, disembodiment, isolation and relationship distress (Ayling & Ussher, 2008; Donaldson & Meana, 2010; Johnson et al., 2015; Kaler, 2006). With so many people impacted by chronic sexual pain, it is essential that therapists have the knowledge and tools to support these clients. Art therapy is particularly suited to enabling client engagement in which physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects inherently come together to promote embodiment and meaning making. In response to this need, I have created Arise, a comprehensive manual for leading a 12-week, closed art therapy group for 6 to 10 women/persons with vulvas and vaginas living with chronic (at least 6 months) self-identified or diagnosed dyspareunia.This manual presents twelve detailed sample sessions grounded in an ecofeminist approach to art therapy, and has been created for professional art therapists and psychotherapists with art therapy training. Arise is designed to create community, normalize experiences, share resources, promote social change, nurture embodiment, process emotion, expand identity and honour individual yet interdependent journeys through the creative process. I provide my personal reflections in an integrative paper in which I reflect on my spiritual and theoretical approach, my professional identity, and my art therapy learning journey.

Favourite SSC Memory: In Intro to Art Therapy with Ara Parker we created a group mural together on the last day and hung it up in the basement hallway. For years to come I loved walking down the St. Stephens stairs and seeing such a vibrant example of community and play!

Future Ambitions: To continue growing as a trauma therapist and as an art therapist. I recently completed trauma training with Janina Fisher and I will begin Somatic Experiencing training this month. This spring I received a grant to put my capstone project into action and next month I will run my first online Arise group.

Bachelor of Theological Studies in Diaconal Ministry


Karen Orlandi

Rev. Karen Orlandi is a recently commissioned diaconal minister in the United Church of Canada, whose work is primarily focused on outreach to a community some may see in crisis. As a recovering addict, she sees recovery of all sorts as the real hope for the entire community. She is active in advocacy work for those in addiction, suffering from mental illness and living on the streets. With a background in marketing, engineering and music, she brings an unconventional approach to social change. She has just completed her Bachelor of Theological Studies and is currently enrolled in the M.A. Social Justice and Equity Studies program at Brock University, is employed full-time as a minister at Silver Spire United Church and shares her home with a ridiculously large Dane/Mastiff cross named Reggie.

Integrative Theology Paper Title: The Diversity of Jesus' Community Realized Through New Urbanism

Favourite SSC Memory: I think one of my favorite memories was lambasting Hosea to the tune of “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” substituting Hosea for Maria. The classes where we were able to come to Edmonton and learn from such a wise scholar such as Dawn Waring was quite spectacular. She turned me on to Renita Weems, and theology changed for me.

Future Ambitions: I am entering into graduate work in Social Justice and hope to continue to advocate for those on the margins from within the church. There must be a balance between kindness and justice, and I hope to move us along the arc towards equity and justice for all.

Graduate Certificate in Spiritually-Informed Creative Arts


Diana Cline

Fine Arts Certificate from Kootenay School of Art and Design, Bachelors of Fine Arts from NSCAD University, Certificate from St. Stephen’s for Spiritually-Informed Creative Art. During my time in Edmonton, I have been working at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts facilitating artist classes in person and presently virtual. During my time at the Nina Haggerty, I have led a health and wellness workshop and show and a virtual meditation. I am a big believer in neurodiversity and identify with being dyslexic. I have also participated in 3 full marathons, using my last marathon to raise funds for the Nina. I believe in volunteering and creating community that everyone can participate in.

Favourite SSC Memory: I loved the space that was created in the studio classes, the ability to share and create, and talk about the process. Everyone was so respectful and unique - I really enjoyed listening to each person. The poetry, the lighting of the candle, and the pause for reflections.

Future Ambitions: Moving to Halifax N.S to peruse my artist practice and continue my education at NSCAD University and MFA. I would like to continue to facilitate artist classes and keep working towards creating space for inclusive communities.


Martina Keast

MTS, EXAT practitioner with World Art Organization, Author, Facilitator, Creative

Favourite SSC Memory: Introduction to Art Therapy, Saturday with Dr. Ara Parker, Art Therapy with Dr. Micheala Slipp, and Art and the Mystic with Dr. Markus Scott Alexander. Music Therapy classes with Sheila Killoran online were perfect.

Future Ambitions: DMin with Christian Leadership University currently 50% complete.


Raven Van Camp

Graduating with a certificate in Spiritually-Informed Creative Arts.

Favorite SSC memory: Of the many things I loved about spending time at SSC, I particularly enjoyed the time spent with my peers in the Art Studio - the encouragement we received to include our spirituality in our writing and art was such a breath of fresh air. It gave me permission to be myself and let go of expectations for myself and others, to learn without any of the trappings that usually come along with the competitiveness of academia.

Future ambitions: Managing my health well enough to return to academia (hopefully at SSC!) and continuing to learn in whatever situation I find myself in.

Graduate Certificate in Spiritually-Informed Psychotherapy


Danielle Fiddler

Throughout the last 11 years, both academically and professionally, I have shown great dedication to serving those in vulnerable populations ie. high risk youth, children whom have suffered the horrific trauma of sexual abuse, individuals who have been sex trafficked, and adults whom suffer from substance abuse disorders and concurrent mental health concerns. I have done so in a variety of capacities including Frontline Worker, Supervisor, and Counsellor. I have used my voice to be a strong advocate for the marginalized, used my knowledge to help educate individuals to make decisions for themselves, and used my kindness and compassion to offer a safe place in which individuals in struggle can feel heard, validated, and experience unconditional positive regard in a way that fosters growth/change within themselves.

Favourite SSC memory: My favorite memory of St. Stephen’s was when I was told that the school would be “educating the whole person”.

Future Ambitions: I have obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood Development, a Degree in Psychology, and have now completed a Graduate Certificate in Spiritually-Informed Psychotherapy. My goal is to continue with my studies. For example, to graduate from a Master’s Program so I can continue to foster my own education and enhance the lives of the vulnerable individuals I serve daily. With future education in mind, I believe that I will be able to better serve the clients I am already serving. For example, I am currently counselling individuals with complex trauma, those that are in crisis from being human trafficked, and men who have substance abuse and concurrent mental health concerns-- I would like to continue fostering my education in these areas.



Chandra Mannix



Rebecca Smith-Mandin


Dale Yardy

I am an ordained minister having lived in both Australia and Canada over the past twenty years, working in congregational ministry. I am currently working as a Uniting Church Chaplain in Aged Care in the Hunter region of NSW, Australia. I have the distinct honour in this role to journey alongside staff, residents and their families offering spiritual care to a wide variety of people from many different faith backgrounds and traditions.

Favourite SSC memory: Walking the labyrinth during breaks, braving the winter snow with classmates for coffee, Oilers games, and in-person lectures.

Future ambitions: To continue my studies in the field of Psychotherapy and Spirituality at SSC and to deepen my work in this area.

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Claudia Garcia Martinez

I am originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, where I studied my Master's Degree in Education and where I have collaborated with several educational institutions as a teacher, course developer and teacher trainer in international competencies and new technologies. I had the opportunity to complete my doctoral studies in education at the University of Paris-Lodron in Salzburg, Austria. In cooperation with the governments of Germany, Taiwan, and Singapore, I started to participate in the project to train teachers in the European Framework's lifelong learning competencies. During my career, I have perceived that one of the educational opportunities to be covered is disseminating the benefits of education with a spiritual and social welfare sense. Based on the above, I designed the Integral Wellness system, applied in educational institutions and corporations. This, combined with a coaching system, has impacted the participants' personal and professional development. Currently, I am in charge of the multi-cultural and multi-faith department at the university. Therefore I have found the GCTS programme at St. Stephen's College to be a formidable guide to understanding other spiritual dimensions of the human being and thereby orienting students in their personal and spiritual development. My experience at St. Stephen's College has been extraordinary as I have been able to meet teachers of excellent academic and human quality, as well as classmates with whom I share ideas for a better world society.

Favorite SSC Memory: In all the classes, I found human warmth and openness to express our thoughts and experiences. Therefore, my memory is of having had a personal sanctuary for my learning and spiritual development.

Future Ambitions: My goal is to apply what I have learned with the university's multicultural centre students and members and continue studying to develop my spirituality further.