COVID-19 Memos for SSC Faculty, Staff, and Students

The following announcements and policies relate only to faculty, staff, and students of St. Stephen's College. For announcements and policies governing University of Alberta faculty, staff, and students, please see the University's COVID-19 Information page.

Since March 2020, St. Stephen's College has issued memos to its students and faculty regarding the College's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These memos have been and will continue to be collected here for reference. (Note: memos are listed in reverse chronological order from when they were issued)

For Students in all St. Stephen's College Degree Programs: COVID-19 Memos

For Faculty and Staff of St. Stephen's College: COVID-19 Memos

Info for Students and Associate Faculty in UAlberta Courses at St. Stephen's College:

All UAlberta courses offered at St. Stephen's College abide by the directives of the University as outlined at the UAlberta COVID-19 information page (see esp. the COVID-19 Information for Students and COVID-19 Information for Instructors pages).