St. Stephen’s College Health and Safety Measures

Issued on February 28, 2022; rev. March 15, 2022; rev. May 2, 2022 and applicable to all who access the St. Stephen’s Campus. The following measures relate only to the campus of St. Stephen's College. For policies and protocol governing the University of Alberta campus, please see the University's COVID-19 Information page.

Purpose and Principles

This document outlines the health and safety measures in place at St. Stephen’s College to promote the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and all others who access our campus. These measures comply with the public health directives put in place by the Province of Alberta, and they are informed by the guidelines put in place by the University of Alberta.


The St. Stephen’s College campus is open for on-campus work and study. All students, faculty, staff, and the broader public can access our campus in accordance with office hours as listed on the Contact Us page.

vaccinations and campus access

St. Stephen’s College supports public health vaccination efforts and strongly encourages all who can get vaccinated to do so. Vaccinations have proven very effective at reducing the risk of infection, and they minimize risk of severe outcomes due to the COVID-19 virus. All are encouraged and strongly recommended to keep their vaccinations up-to-date so as to guard against waning immunity. The widespread use of the vaccine is our best protection against the virus, and our best strategy for returning to a more normal and safer on-campus experience.

The St. Stephen’s College Campus Vaccination Requirement Policy remains in effect, though beginning February 28, 2022 the College will indefinitely suspend enforcement of this policy. This means that students, staff, faculty, and visitors to campus will not be required to provide proof of vaccination before coming to campus. The College continues to review and evaluate the need for this vaccination policy relative to the everchanging realities of the pandemic.

For more information, please see our Vaccination Requirements on the St. Stephen’s College Campus page.

personal health check before coming to campus

Those who access the St. Stephen's College campus are asked to complete the AHS Personal Health Check before coming to campus, and to comply with any relevant public health requirements. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home in order to take care of yourself and others.

on-campus guidelines

While on campus, the following is required of all staff, faculty, students, volunteers, and visitors:

  • Non-medical face masks (masks) that cover a person’s nose, mouth and chin are encouraged and strongly recommended indoors at all times on the St. Stephen’s College campus, especially in high-capacity and high-traffic areas, and in areas where you are in close proximity to others. This includes classrooms, communal spaces, hallways, and the kitchen. Individuals are encouraged to provide their own masks; the College will maintain stock of a limited number of disposable masks which will be made available to anyone who requests one. It is paramount that all St. Stephen's students, staff, faculty, and visitors respect the choices of others in our community regarding masking.
  • Physical distancing (2 metres) is recommended whenever possible on campus.
  • All who come to campus are asked to practice good hygiene, including frequent washing of hands, coughing and sneezing into one's arm, and avoid touching one's face.
  • Individuals on campus are encouraged to open windows and other ventilation points, to allow for fresh air circulation. Make sure to close open windows prior to leaving campus; this is important for both security and to avoid damage due to inclement weather.
  • Portable air purification units in classrooms and common spaces should be set to "Setting 2" and remain running at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the College building. Disinfectant wipes are also available (as needed) for the purposes of wiping down workspaces and to clean surfaces.


Portable air purification units with medical grade HEPA filters have been installed in all classrooms and common spaces. These units work together with our existing ventilation system to ensure a minimum of four air-changes per hour. Air purifiers should be set to “Setting 2” and remain running at all times.


It is the responsibility of all who access the St. Stephen's building to ensure that we are working together to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. All visitors to campus are asked to ensure their compliance with the guidelines outlined here. It is the responsibility of supervisors to ensure these guidelines are being followed by all staff and faculty. It is the responsibility of staff and faculty to ensure that students are following these guidelines.


Questions about COVID-19 protocol and procedures as listed in the document can be directed to either Shelley Westermann ( or Fred Tappenden (