Vaccination Requirements on the St. Stephen's College Campus

Issued on September 3, 2021; rev. September 20, 2021; rev. October 28, 2021; rev. December 13, 2021, and applicable to all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors who access the St. Stephen’s College campus. The following measures relate only to the campus of St. Stephen's College. For policies and protocol governing the University of Alberta campus, please see the University's COVID-19 Information page.

Anyone who comes to St. Stephen’s College is required to do the following:

  • Self-declare their vaccination status using a confidential Vaccination Declaration questionnaire before coming to campus (or, in the case of visitors, check-in either at the Registrar's office or the front desk, immediately upon arriving on campus), and 
  • Present proof of vaccination by email or in person to the St. Stephen’s College Registrar’s Office.

SSC Vaccination Declaration

These requirements are part of our Campus Vaccination Requirement Policy, which seeks to foster safe work and educational spaces by minimizing the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission on the St. Stephen’s College campus. This policy states that, anyone who comes to the St. Stephen’s campus—including faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors—is required to provide proof of vaccination status. Exemptions to this requirement can be sought based on a medical, religious, or other protected ground recognized by the Alberta Human Rights Act.

The St. Stephen’s Campus Vaccination Requirement Policy meets the requirements set out for post-secondary institutions by the Province of Alberta. This policy is part of the College’s ongoing response to the global pandemic and will be reviewed every two months.

Any questions regarding this policy and its implementation should be directed either to the Registrar’s Office or to the Principal and Dean.

faqs for ssc community Members

How do I let the College know that I am Vaccinated?
Prior to coming to campus, all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors are required to complete the confidential Vaccination Declaration questionnaire. Participants who indicate “Yes I am Vaccinated” are required to provide proof of vaccination either by email or in person at the College. Vaccinated individuals who complete the Vaccination Declaration questionnaire only need to present proof of vaccination once.
How do I submit Proof of Vaccination?
Proof of vaccination can be presented either by email or in person to the Registrar’s Office (that is, to either the Registrar or Assistant Registrar).
How do Visitors to Campus Provide Proof of Vaccination?

Visitors to campus can provide proof of vaccination status or evidence of exemption based on a protected ground immediately upon that visitor’s arriving on campus, without need to complete the confidential Vaccination Declaration questionnaire. A visitor’s proof of vaccination or evidence of exemption must be presented in person to the Registrar’s Office (either to the Registrar or the Assistant Registrar) or to the front desk (note: evidence of exemption based on a protected ground must be reviewed by either the Registrar’s Office or the Principal and Dean). A visitor’s vaccination status will only be recorded in the “Campus Access Spreadsheet” if that visitor completes the Vaccination Declaration questionnaire.

How does this Policy Affect my Practicum Placement(s) and/or other Program Requirements that are Completed Off-Campus?
The Campus Vaccination Requirement Policy pertains only to the St. Stephen’s College campus and does not extend to the sites of educational, practicum, and/or any other partner organization. Students who are completing practicum or other program requirements through partner organizations are required to abide by the vaccination policies as set out by those specific organizations. If a student requires a vaccination accommodation at their practicum site, they are required to apply to the practicum site directly for such an accommodation. Note: some practicum partners (e.g., AHS/Covenant Health) are not currently accepting students who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
What if I am not Vaccinated?

Effective December 13, 2021, individuals who are not vaccinated are not permitted onto the St. Stephen’s College campus, except in instances where an approved accommodation has been granted based on protected grounds recognized by the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Students may immediately consult with the College’s Dean to determine what, if any, arrangements can be made for the student to continue with classes or other aspects of their program online or through another means that do not require attendance on the College campus. Note that this consultation shall not create any duty on the College to accommodate this request or do any particular thing and does not require a particular outcome; different degree and certificate programs may have different standards and ability to feasibly undertake such arrangements, and the consideration is subject to the College’s absolute discretion as to what, if any, alternative arrangements are feasible. Where the student cannot in their or the College’s view feasibly continue with classes or other aspects of their program as a result of not being permitted to attend on campus, or where the student otherwise wishes, the student may withdraw pursuant to policies and procedures in place at the time.

What if I Cannot be Vaccinated on Protected Grounds?
Where an individual provides a reason based on a medical, religious, or other protected ground recognized by the Alberta Human Rights Act for not being able to be vaccinated, the College will work with the individual to develop and implement an appropriate accommodation. Requests for accommodation should be directed to your supervisor, in the case of employees, or to the Dean, in the case of students and volunteers. Requests for exemption must be made by completing the COVID-19 Vaccination or Mask Exemption Application form.
What does “Vaccinated” Mean?
A “Vaccinated” individual is someone who has received all government recommended doses of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 Vaccine, which may include boosters, and is two weeks past the individual’s second dose of a Vaccine. In the event that Health Canada updates its requirements for full vaccine protection, individuals are required to maintain ongoing fully vaccinated status.
What is Acceptable Proof of Vaccination Status?
Proof of vaccination must include (a) your name, (b) date of vaccination or test, and (c) indication of full vaccination status. Acceptable documents include government issued vaccination cards/QR codes.
What if I test Positive before coming to Campus?
Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are not permitted on the College’s campus for 14 days.
What if I am Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms?
Regardless of vaccination status, anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and/or anyone who is a confirmed close contact of a positive COVID-19 case must not attend at campus. Individuals feeling unwell should contact 811 Health Link obtain information about AHS testing options.
What if I am Participating In-Person in a Week-Long Intensive Course and I cannot come to campus because of either COVID Symptoms or a Positive Test Result?

If you are unable to participate in a week-long intensive course because of COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result, please consult with the College Registrar and/or Dean regarding what accommodations may be available. If required, special permission will be granted for late withdrawal with full refund of course tuition. Documentation in the form of a positive test result, or a note from a medical physician, will be required.

How will my Information be Protected, and who will have Access to It?

Information collected through the Campus Vaccination Requirement Policy will be limited to the Registrar’s Office (which includes the Registrar and the Assistant Registrar) and the Principal and Dean. Proof of vaccination status is for verification purposes only. The College will not keep proof of vaccination on file, though the College will maintain a password protected spreadsheet that records whether or not vaccination status has been verified.

The requirement to disclose and supply proof of vaccination status is a component of the College’s ongoing response to the global pandemic. In collecting the information required by this policy, the College assumes the responsibility to protect, keep confidential and only use such information for the purpose for which it was collected or as required or authorized by law. All information collected through this policy is governed by the “Ethical Conduct” and the “Student Records: Contents, Access, Use, and Protection” policies as articulated in the St. Stephen’s College Academic Calendar. For more information, please consult the Campus Vaccination Requirement Policy.

What if Someone submits Fraudulent Proof of Vaccination?
Any individual who submits fraudulent Proof of Vaccination, fraudulent documentation supporting an accommodation, or any other fraudulent or misleading information regarding any issue arising under this Policy will:
  1. In the case of employees, be immediately terminated for just cause.
  2. In the case of students, be subject to discipline pursuant to the Code of Student Behaviour.
  3. In the case of any other party to whom this Policy applies, be prohibited from attending on the College campus for such duration as determined by the College, and subject to having their contractual or other arrangements and privileges at the College modified, suspended, or terminated.
What if Someone does not Comply with this Policy?
Those who do not comply with this policy, will not be permitted onto the St. Stephen’s campus. Failure to comply with this policy can be considered an infraction of the College’s Ethical Conduct Policy and/or the Code of Student Behaviour. Visitors not adhering to the Policy will be asked to leave campus. For more information, please consult the Campus Vaccination Requirement Policy.