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MPS Files

The files collected below function as the Program Manual for the Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality, Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality - Art Therapy, and Post-Master's Art Therapy Diploma programs. If you have any questions, please be in touch with the Department Administrator.

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1. Program Outline
Credit and Course Requirements
Learning Process Flowchart

2. Practicums
Practicum Manual (2019)
Counselling Practicum Course Description

2a. Fillable Practicum Forms
Clinical Supervisor Profile
Direct Client & Clinical Supervision Hours Form
Supervisor Evaluation / On-Site Midpoint
Supervisor Evaluation / Off-Site Midpoint
Supervisor Evaluation / On-Site Summative Final
Supervisor Evaluation / Off-Site Summative Final
Practicum Contract On-Site
Practicum Contract On-Site/Off-Site
Practicum Time Log
Student Evaluation

3. Thesis
Master's Thesis Guidelines


Thesis Supervisor Profile
Approval of Thesis Proposal - Supervisor
Approval of Thesis Proposal - Department Chair
Approval for Completed Thesis - Supervisor
Feedback for Thesis - Internal Examiner
Feedback for Thesis - External Examiner
Approval of Revised Thesis for Re-Exam
Final Approval of Completed Thesis with Revisions - Supervisor
Thesis Process Evaluation Form - Student
Thesis Process Evaluation Form - Supervisor

4. Therapy Requirements
Therapy Requirements
Therapy Completion Forms
Registries for Counselling and Supervision