Programs & Registration

Online Registration

Most programs offered at The Steadward Centre can be paid and registered for online. Follow the steps below to use our online registration process:

1. Pay online using the University of Alberta’s activity registration website here:

When registering, the participant's name and personal information must be used, not the parent and/or guardian's. If you/your child have been registered in any University of Alberta or The Steadward Centre programming within the past few years, you likely already have an account. Use the "forgot password" link at the login page to create or reset a password for your account. After you are logged in, you can find program(s) via barcode from our program guide, or by browsing programs from the left hand column.

2. Complete the appropriate registration form(s) below. More than one may be required if you are registering in more than one program area.

3. Complete the required forms below. All participants must complete a waiver and photo consent form, and all participants over the age of 15 years old must complete a Get Active Questionnaire form. These must be printed off, signed, and returned in person to Van Vliet 1-612 or the staff member leading your program.

    1. Get Active Questionnaire
    2. Waiver
    3. Photo consent

The Get Active Questionnaire and waiver are valid for one year, and the photo consent form is valid for two years.


Please note: Registration in person and over the phone is still available. Call (780) 492-3182 for more details.