Inclusive Play Resource

It’s better when we play together! 

The Inclusive Play Leadership Resource is an online resource that helps leaders in children’s physical activity and recreation create and lead inclusive play experiences for kids of all abilities! Learn how to support games and playground play that are engaging and meaningful for all participants. 

Learning outcomes from this training include:

  • A well rounded understanding of play and "Quality Participation" 
  • Understand the definition of inclusion and the value of inclusive play 
  • Consider a variety of ways to modify games and activities to suit everyone's abilities, needs, and strengths
  • Be familiar with the sensory, social, behavioural and motor categories of children's needs; consider strategies to support these needs
  • Be able to think critically about inclusion and accessibility at playgrounds and other play areas.

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To access the Inclusive Play Leadership Resource:

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The Inclusive Play Leadership Resource can be accessed here: