Signature Areas Initiative

In Objective 12 of For the Public Good, the University of Alberta community committed developing a portfolio of signature research and teaching areas where the university is or will be recognized as a global leader.

The first cycle of signature and emerging area identification was completed in Fall 2018. The overall process of identifying and developing multi- and inter-disciplinary signature and emerging areas of research and teaching will continue throughout the lifespan of For the Public Good, ensuring that they reflect the evolving priorities and strengths of the university over time.

Signature Areas:

Signature Area: Precision Health

Precision Health

Precision Health is an emerging health-care model that leverages data, new technologies, and factors such as genomics, metabolomics, nutrition and environment to better understand and address diseases and disabilities.

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Situated Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples and Place

Situated Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples and Place (SKIPP) was created to highlight Indigenous scholarship, create a strong community of Indigenous scholars, and allow other scholars to come into that space to learn and connect. Indigenous scholarship is defined as teaching, research, community engagement, research creation, and activities, locally and globally.

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Signature Area: Energy Systems

Energy Systems

Energy is more than just fuel-it involves large and complex systems incorporating society and the environment. These systems must also meet our expectations of type, quality, quantity, reliability, and accessibility within diverse cultural frameworks.

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AI4Society builds on more than four decades of expertise in AI and machine learning. Over the last 30 years, the University of Alberta has consistently been ranked as one of the top three institutions worldwide for AI research.

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Intersections of Gender

Intersections of Gender

Many of today's complex challenges―from health care in refugee camps to water security on Indigenous communities to automated transport―require cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty, and intersectional gender expertise to develop effective solutions.

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