The University of Alberta, one of this province's oldest public institutions, anchors Alberta's integrated, diverse post-secondary education sector. We stand among Canada's premier research-intensive, medical-doctoral universities. Our international ranking confirms our placement with the finest public universities in the world. As our mission states, the University of Alberta gives a national and international voice to innovation in our province, taking a lead role in placing Canada at the global forefront.

Leadership, we know, requires action and purpose. Leadership demands that we build on our existing foundational strengths; experience and disseminate the power of transformative ideas and opportunities; excel in all that we do; engage across disciplines, communities, and sectors; and sustain the vibrancy of our multi-campus communities.

As a community, we have developed a long-term, multi-layered plan. Some of the goals, objectives and strategies envisioned here can be implemented immediately; others will unfold over the course of the next decade. We will regularly measure our progress and anticipate the need for an in-depth review in year five.

At the highest level, "For the Public Good" is meant to empower and enable each member of the University of Alberta to build, experience, excel, and sustain. The successful implementation of the plan will depend on all of us, individually and collectively, taking action.

Together, we will propel this great institution - the University of Alberta - to a place of unprecedented leadership, and in common cause, we will build a better province, a better Canada, and a better world.