GOAL: Experience diverse and rewarding learning opportunities that inspire us, nurture our talents, expand our knowledge and skills, and enable our success.

Pushing beyond the conventional, students, no matter their background, age, or stage of education, will experience learning as an integral part of all their activities at the University of Alberta. We will pay attention to the development of the whole person and will excel in providing learning environments that transform us, nurture our talents, expand our knowledge and skills, and enable our success. We will build innovative curricular and co-curricular experiential learning programs that engage students, faculty, and staff with issues, questions, and ideas relevant to community organizations, industry, and governments today. We will seek and sustain student success. We will mobilize the expertise of our faculty and expand access to educational experiences for continuing, professional, and lifelong learners.

By providing our students with exceptional experiences that link them to their futures, we will facilitate their success both within the curriculum…


Increase graduate and undergraduate students' access to and participation in a broad range of curricular experiential learning opportunities that are well-integrated with program goals and enrich their academic experience.

Strategy 1

Increase students' experiential learning through mutually beneficial engagement with community, industry, professional, and government organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.

Strategy 2

Develop global competency in our graduates through access to short and long-term outbound international experiences.

Strategy 3

Expand professional development opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

…and beyond.


Create and facilitate co- and extra-curricular learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students that enable their self-discovery and give them the skills to use their talents, creativity, and curiosity to contribute as future citizens and leaders.

Strategy 1

Increase the opportunities for all undergraduate and graduate students to experience the benefits of living on campus, including guaranteeing the offer of a place in residence to every first-year undergraduate student.

Strategy 2

Expand and encourage student mentorship programs.

Strategy 3

Support the roles of the Graduate Students' Association and Students' Union, along with other student groups, in promotion of extra-curricular programs on our campuses to create a sense of community and support of the learning environment.

Strategy 4

Expand access to leadership development programs for undergraduate and graduate students, such as the Peter Lougheed Leadership College.

Strategy 5

Continue to support and enhance a student-athlete-centered university sport environment that facilitates the academic, athletic, and personal development of students.

Our multi-campus learning environment provides exciting opportunities to build a great and diverse university…


Enhance, support, and mobilize the unique experiences and cultures of all University of Alberta campuses to the benefit of the university as a whole.
Strategy 1

Facilitate and deepen inter-campus connections, communication, and collaborations with Augustana Campus, and ensure that it is strengthened as a leading a liberal arts college, and as a living laboratory for teaching and learning innovation, to the benefit of the entire university.

Strategy 2

Highlight and strengthen the role that Campus Saint-Jean plays in reflecting and reinforcing the linguistic duality of Canada as well as the world-wide multi-ethnic Francophonie, by positioning the university locally, nationally and internationally as a destination of choice for francophone and bilingual students; and by progressively improving Faculté Saint-Jean students' and applicants' access to French-language services.

Strategy 3

Enhance collaborative, community-based learning activities and build on the relationships that have been developed through the programs offered at Enterprise Square and South Campus.

…opening doors to a lifetime of learning experiences.


Expand access to and engagement in the University of Alberta for learners engaging in continuing and professional education programs, experiences, and lifelong learning activities.

Strategy 1

Develop continuing and professional education programs that connect the knowledge-mobilization activities of the university's faculty members to the needs of diverse learner communities.

Strategy 2

Create a wide range of opportunities, both in-person and virtual, for broad, learning-centered programs for alumni and other communities of learners engaging in continuing and professional education.

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