Institutional Priorities

Signature Areas Initiative

Objective 12

The U of A community has identified three Signature Areas of research and teaching in the first cycle of the initiative.

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Truth and Reconciliation

Objective 4

The University of Alberta is working towards a thoughtful, respectful, and meaningful response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report.

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Budget Model

Objective 22

The U of A is changing to a new budget model that more effectively directs operating resources to its core activities: teaching and research.

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Academic Governance

Objective 21

The Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Governance released its final report, which will help to empower academic governance at the U of A.

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Healthy University

Objective 19

Several offices and units across campus have come together to lead the development of a Healthy University Strategic Plan.

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Campus Sustainability

Objective 20

The Sustainability Plan collates the many strategic goals, initiatives and practices that will guide our sustainability efforts in the next few years.

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Upcoming Priorities

Experiential Learning

Objective 7

The Office of the Provost is facilitating an environmental scan and striking a working group to guide further experiential learning development at the U of A.

Equity Diversity Inclusion

Objectives 2 & 3

The U of A seeks to review, improve, and implement equity processes for recruiting and supporting faculty and staff across the academy.

National Recruitment Strategy

Objective 1

The University of Alberta has developed a national strategy to recruit and retain an exceptional, diverse community of students.

Faculty Renewal

Objective 2

The university is working towards a faculty renewal program to build on existing strengths and sustain a talented, diverse academy.