GOAL: Excel as individuals, and together, sustain a culture that fosters and champions distinction and distinctiveness in teaching, learning, research, and service.

Awards of Excellence

Objective 11 - Strategy i

Two professors emeriti were named to the Order of Canada in 2019 for their significant research contributions. John England was recognized for his environmental advocacy and research involving the Canadian Arctic, and Brian Sykes was recognized for his work related to biochemistry, including groundbreaking protein research.

Signature Areas

Objective 12

In For the Public Good, our community committed to identifying a portfolio of signature research and teaching areas where we are recognized as global leaders. Intersections of Gender formally launched in March 2019, and Future Energy Systems formally launched in May 2019.

In May 2019, the Signature Areas Development Panel approved the creation of a new signature area: Situated Knowledges: Indigenous People and Place (SKIPP).

Funding for Autonomous Systems

Objective 12 - Strategy ii

The Centre for Autonomous Systems was established in March 2019 with a $14.9 million funding grant. The University of Alberta is leading this initiative to help develop autonomous systems for transportation, medical, and industrial developments.

Rhodes Scholars

Objective 13 - Strategy iii

The Rhodes Scholarship is an internationally-competitive program that sends 100 exceptional students from around the world to study at the University of Oxford in England. Medical student Julia Sawatzky was named a 2019 Rhodes Scholar.

Partnership Grants

Objective 13 - Strategy iii

In July 2019, an unprecedented three University of Alberta researchers each received a prestigious $2.5 million Partnership Grant though SSHRC: Education researcher Carla Peck will lead an examination of how history is taught in K-12 classrooms across Canada; linguist Antti Arppe will lead a project to strengthen Plains Cree and Tsuut’ina languages; and psychologist Rebecca Gokiert will lead a project to improve evidence-based testing for children across the country.

Digital Scholarship Centre

Objective 13 - Strategy iv

Building on the University of Alberta Libraries’ existing digital services, the Digital Scholarship Centre opened in August 2019 with resources for scholars from all disciplines to learn how to integrate digital practices into their research, and how to digitize their own work.

New Centre of Excellence

Objective 13 - Strategy v

In April 2019, the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) was named a Centre of Excellence and received $18.3 million in federal funding, making it the fourth Network Centre of Excellence at University of Alberta. This funding enables CMN’s interdisciplinary academics, practitioners, and community members to study and respond to conditions related to the sustainability of mountain environments.

Streamlined Professional Development

Objective 15 - Strategy i

In order to more effectively communicate and facilitate professional development opportunities to staff and academics, the LearnCentre online portal was introduced by Human Resource Services in March 2019.

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