GOAL: Experience diverse and rewarding learning opportunities that inspire us, nurture our talents, expand our knowledge and skills, and enable our success.

New Programs

Objective 7

As of September 2019, BA students can choose a new, streamlined degree program, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, with a specialty in language studies or cross-cultural studies. This unique degree program is not offered elsewhere in Canada, and replaces several previously-available individual degree programs. The program emphasizes skills building and experiential learning while integrating language skills, cultural literacy, and community-based learning.

Prospective students can now apply for the new Media Studies undergraduate program in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Faculty of Arts. This multidisciplinary major examines the content, history, and effects of media on social, political, and cultural systems.

The Department of Political Science has added the Master of Arts in Policy Studies program, which will also launch in Fall 2020. The program has course-based and practicum based-streams designed to teach students the professional and practical skills needed to succeed in a variety of public sector careers.

Land-Based Learning Experiences

Objective 7, Strategy i

The Faculty of Native Studies hosted its first land-based class on campus in August 2019. The City of Edmonton’s Indigenous Artist in Residence Mary-Jo Belcourt taught students the traditional art of porcupine quilling. Land-based learning is a significant part of Indigenous cultures and involves interaction with nature to encourage critical thought. This experience demonstrated the value of incorporating such experiences into typical classroom settings.

School in Cortona Milestone

Objective 7 - Strategies i, ii

In June 2019, University of Alberta’s School in Cortona celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Through this program, students have the opportunity to study classics, art history, political science, and Italian in an immersive environment. The unique campus in Italy facilitates hands-on experiences, field trips, and guest lectures.

Our PhD Students are In Demand

Objective 7 - Strategy iii

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research completed the first PhD Career Preparation and Outcomes study with over 4,000 University of Alberta PhD graduates. The results, released in June 2019, suggest that graduates are in demand in diverse fields and have a positive effect on local economies. Ninety-nine per cent of PhD graduates surveyed are currently employed, and 80 per cent secured jobs before graduation.

Changes to Peter Lougheed Leadereship College

Objective 8 - Strategy iv

In January 2019, the General Faculties Council’s Academic Standards Committee approved changes to the Peter Lougheed Leadership College to make its programming more accessible. Enrolment in the Foundations of Leadership program is now open to all students, year-long courses are now semester-length, students can now take PLLC courses as early as their second year, and certain leadership courses in other departments can now be used as credits in PLLC Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies.

FrancoLab Innovation Lab

Objective 9 - Strategy ii

In March 2019, students at Campus Saint-Jean participated in a hands-on experience through the FrancoLab Innovation Lab, developing mobile applications and websites that integrate with open data and address challenges specific to Alberta’s Francophone community.

Popular Online Courses

Objective 10 - Strategy ii

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) remain popular with both internal and external users. In February 2019, Mountains 101 was the third highest-ranked MOOC in the world. To date, over 28,000 students have enrolled in the course. In July 2019, Bugs 101 launched and had over 4,500 enrollments in only one month.

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