GOAL: Sustain our people, our work, and the environment by attracting and stewarding the resources we need to deliver excellence to the benefit of all Albertans.

Campuses and Facilities Safety and Security Working Group

Objective 19 - Strategy iii

Due to a small increase in criminal activity on campus in Winter 2018, a Safety and Security Working Group was formed to provide recommendations for a more secure, yet still open and welcoming, campus. In April 2019, the final report from the group was shared and a standing committee was established. In August 2019, activity began on implementing the recommendations with security upgrades to HUB Mall and Residence. Security incidents decreased in the second quarter of 2019.

Online Approvals

Objective 21 - Strategy iv

On June 16, 2019, Research Services Office (RSO) moved to online approvals for a number of research administration processes and forms in order to simplify processes for the research community.

Review of Administrative Services

Objective 21

Aligned with For the Public Good’s commitment to continuous improvement in administrative, governance, planning, and stewardship systems, the UniForum program was implemented to gain insight into the effectiveness of administrative services on campus. By August 2019 two satisfaction surveys and an activity data collection were completed. Cubane Consulting is now analyzing the data and University of Alberta will receive and assess the data in early 2020.

Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey

Objective 21, Strategy i

The university's first Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey was administered in October 2019, and the survey results will be used to understand employee engagement and make decisions about how best to support the employee experience at the U of A.

Institutional Budget Model

Objective 22, Strategy ii

In January 2019, a new activity-based budget model was introduced. The new budget model will bring transparency to the allocation of resources and decision-making, align spending with strategic academic priorities, and create a culture of long-term academic planning. The new model was first used in September 2019 for 2020-2021 planning.

Integrated Asset Management Strategy

Objective 23, Strategy i

In order to continue to support excellence in education and research, it is important to consider how to most effectively the available space on campus, and how to improve existing spaces for more accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability. With feedback from the campus community, the Facilities & Operations team drafted an Integrated Asset Management Strategy to address how to best manage the university’s current and future assets. The strategy was approved on June 14, 2019. One of the first major projects, the redevelopment of the Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre, is currently underway.

Wireless Campus

Objective 23, Strategy iii

In 2019, 1000 wireless access points and 80 network switches were replaced across North campus. These updates standardize the wireless environment and make the university's network more secure and reliable.

Digital Ticketing System

Objective 23, Strategy iii

For the 2019-2020 season, Bears and Pandas Athletics launched a new digital ticketing system to facilitate more convenient ticket purchases.

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