Emily Block | George Cormie Asscociate Professor

Emily Block's research focuses on how business can thrive and improve lives around the world, including corporate reputation and activism, business and peacebuilding and grand challenges.

David Deephouse | Professor

David Deephouse's research focuses on social evaluations of organizations, especially legitimacy and reputation, the causes and consequences of each, and indigenization and decolonization in businesses and business schools.

Richard Field | Professor

Richard Field's areas of expertise include leaderhip and management and organizational behaviour.

Ian Gellatly | Alex Hamilton Professor

Ian Gellatly's research includes leadership, organizational commitment, employee motivation, knowledge sharing/hiding, safety climate and employee withdrawal. His research examines the interplay between person and situational factors in a variety of organizational contexts.

Vern Glaser | Associate Professor

Vern Glaser studies the question: How do organizations strategically change practices and culture? Most of his research involves understanding how organizations use algorithms, arguments and analogies to change routines and to create new capabilities.

Timothy Hannigan | Associate Professor

Timothy Hannigan’s research and teaching interests at the Alberta School of Business surround institutional theory, early moments and the emergence of fields and markets. He draws on research in Strategy, Organization, and Cultural Entrepreneurship.

Karen Hughes | Professor

Karen Hughes' research and teaching focuses on work, organizations and labour markets, with a specific interest in economic change, inequality and inclusive economies.

Michelle Inness | Asscociate Professor, Associate Dean, Undergraduate

Michelle Inness' areas of expertise includes work and well-being, occurpational health and safety and management.

Devereaux Jennings | Professor

Devereaux Jennings' areas of expertise include clean technology, land and water reclamation, hybridizing life cycle assessment with stakeholder consultation, renewable energy platforms, funding startups and Interpretative Data Science topics.

Jennifer Jennings | Professor

Jennifer Jennings' is one of Canada’s leading researchers at the intersection of gender, entrepreneurship and the family embeddedness of entrepreneurial activity.

Michael Loundsbury | Professor, SEM Department Chair

Michael Lounsbury's research has a general focus on the relationship between entrepreneurship and institutional change, especially the cultural entrepreneurship involved in the creation of new industries and practices.

Andrew Luchak | Associate Profess

Andrew Luchak's areas of expertise include strategic human resource management and performance management.

Sarah Mahabadi | Associate Professor

Sara Mahabadi examines the phenomenon of entrepreneurship from organizational theory lens. She is interested in how investors such as venture capitalists and accelerators select, support, and alter startups.

Trish Reay | Professor, Vice Dean

Trish Reay's research interests are organizational and institutional change, organizational learning, professions and professional work and identity and role identity.

Lloyd Steier | Professor

Lloyd Steier's research interests span family business, strategic management, organizational theory and entrepreneurship; he is particularly interested in how entrepreneurs use family as a resource during new venture creation.

Angelique Slade Shantz | Asscociate Professor

Angelique Slade Shantz' areas of expertise include entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.

Christopher Steele | Associate Professor

Christopher Steele is interested in three overarching topics: the production and consumption of knowledge, the emergence and maintenance of identity and the production of order, meaning and innovation in everyday life.

Nick Wang | Associate Professor

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