Anwar Haq

Foundation Chair

Dr. Anwar Haq's educational background includes MSc, PhD in Molecular Biology, MBA and Public Policy. Dr. Haq's over fifteen years of experience within higher education and healthcare settings have involved research, research facilitation, HR, financial, operational, and strategic planning and management, and practice on the design, implementation and evaluation of innovation policies.

Prior to joining ISTAR, Dr. Haq was serving one of the largest research institutes, the Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. As an Executive Director, he provided strategic direction and facilitation to senior leadership on key strategic and tactical initiatives related to the Institute and ensured their strategic integration, relevance, and operational and fiscal sustainability. Besides performing day-to-day operations, he was also a primary resource person for that Institute's operational and fiscal policies and procedures related to its stakeholders such as, the Cumming School of Medicine at University of Calgary, Provincial Government, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and its allies.

Dr. Haq has also served as an Executive member of the Canadian College for Healthcare Leaders (CCHL- SAC), member Canadian Association for Management Consultants (CAMC), and National Business Innovation Association, USA (NBIA). Through NBIA, he has also completed his certification in Incubator Management. He has also served as an elected Senator at the University of Calgary Senate where he had served on various committees such as, Senate Executive Committee, Community Engagement, Government Relations and Senate Development Committee.

Dr. Haq is an active community volunteer for science outreach, community engagement-focused organizations, Not-for-profit fund raising and social marketing.

Dr. Haq is married to Rukhsana, and together they have two sons, Aneeq and Tamour, and a daughter, Alisha. In his own words, he has a deep passion for the opportunities and innovative policies that impact the social well-being and health of Canadians. Stuttering and communications have a special place in his heart as one of this sons is a special needs young adult with a communication challenge.

Dr. Haq served as Executive Director at ISTAR for approximately 2 years, and is happy to continue his service as a Foundation Director at this time. He currently works for Covenant Health Network of Excellence in Seniors' Health and Wellness.